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There is nothing as exciting as learning something new. It's especially nice on the harp since you can make beautiful music immediately! The harp has a lovely sound which assists in the making of music.

Carol Holsinger will work with you to explore your interests and how to fulfill them on the harp. Various aspects of music will be incorporated into the lesson such as harp technique, music theory, rhythm, arranging, etc.

Carol loves to teach. This has manifested itself in may ways throughout her life in the corporate world, in school settings, and finally, on the harp. Carol studied music in a variety of ways until she found the harp in college. Since then, she has continued taking lessons and regularly attends workshops and conferences sponsored by the American Harp Society and the International Society of Folkharpers and Craftsmen.

Carol teaches at her private studio. She also does occasional workshops as her schedule permits and as opportunities present themselves.

Please contact Carol to find a mutually agreeable time.

I wanted to tell you thank you for your ever-lasting encouragement, advice, enthusiasm, and smiles. I will hold you in my highest regard, respect, and fondness. Of all the various activities I have participated in in my life (there have been many) you are one of my favorite instructors. -MM

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